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The oil

Commercialization of fuels

The liquid fuels that are most marketed in our country for the common use of the population are gasoline and diesel. These products are purchased and dispatched from refineries in large tanker trucks to service stations or taps, where they can finally be purchased by the public. The points of sale comply with the security and infrastructure standards indicated by law.

From exploration to consumption

Oil exploration is carried out on porous rocks underground. This requires specialized technology and extensive experience in the geological field.

The exploitation requires wells penetrated by a drilling tower, which mechanically pumps the oil to bring it to the surface. In the case of the sea, it is necessary to install production platforms.

The transport and supply in the country is carried out by steel pipelines that run through the mountains and jungle, to the coast and are called oil pipelines. In the case of rivers, transportation is done by barges or boats. Once on shore, storage takes place in large tanks or ships.

Crude oil goes through a refining process, which consists of subjecting it to high temperatures, to transform it into gas, gasoline, diesel and other petrochemicals.